Risks Of BiPAP Machines

Skin Chafing
Skin chafing may be due to carrying the BiPAP system mask to bed at night time. This is generally because of a bad in shape or possibly the wrong desire in masks style. Try distinct CPAP mask if yours is worrying your skin.


Mild Stomach Bloating
Some sufferers record slight belly bloating while the usage of a BiPAP device. This is because of taking in too much air at night at the same time as respiration. Oftentimes, the charge for your BiPAP machine can be adjusted to help alleviate this symptom.


Eye Irritation
Some patients document eye irritations, such as blurry vision, eye burning and itching, and redness, when using a BiPAP device. This is maximum likely caused by a leak within the mask that is then allowing air to reach your eyes all night lengthy. A better-fitting masks is frequently the trick to therapy this symptom.


Dry Mouth
Dry mouth is now and again because of a BiPAP machine due to the fact you’re inhaling controlled air from a tube all night time long. This symptom is often remedied through investing in a humidifier for your BiPAP system. It can provide moisturized air for your lungs all night time lengthy, so one can then help alleviate dry mouth.

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